Author:  Donald Goines

Year:  1972

Whoreson - Donald Goines (1st printing)

Synopsis:  A trick baby’s ascent to being one of the top pimps in the game.

RatingBook Book Book

Notes:  This book demonstrates one of Goines’ greatest abilities: taking something which should be grim and harsh and finding the delicate compassion in it.  A perfect example is chapter 5 where Whoreson’s mother schools him on the art of true pimping by giving him the opportunity to prove himself and then letting him know how he came up short.

Best Line: “No pimp with anything on the ball would trust his woman in the company of her ex-pimp.”

Other Covers:

Whoreson - Donald Goines (2nd printing)

2nd printing

Whoreson - Donald Goines (1990s version)

1990s version



    • You can order Whoreson off of Amazon or probably even pick it up in your local library or bookstore, as Goines’ books were often reprinted.

      Broad Players is gonna be a different story. Charlie Avery Harris books are very rare and hard to find. I recommend checking BookFinder.com to see if there are any copies for sale out on the web.

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