Street Players

Author:  Donald Goines

Year:  1973

(1973) - Street Players

Synopsis:  A pimp’s rise and fall complete with psychopathic tricks, double crossing drug deals and the fury of a hooker scorned.

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Notes:  One of the things that endeared Donald Goines to generations is how his characters, although fictional, always laid down real life lessons.  Example of a line that exemplifies this: “In the streets, you can learn something different each and every night you’re out here and that ain’t no lie.”

Other Covers:

Street Players - Donald Goines (2nd printing)

2nd printing

1990s version

1990s version



    • Big Lee,

      A pdf won’t do it justice. You gotta have that Blaxploitation paperback in your hand man! You should be able to rent a copy from your local library as Goines’ work is pretty popular. But if I do come across a pdf, I’ll send you a link…

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