Stack A. Dollar

Author: Elroy Waters

Year: 1979

Stack A. Dollar - Elroy Waters

Synopsis: The rise and fall of a teenage hustler turned pimp. He gets locked up for a double homicide and upon his return home, he resumes his hustle in the drug game.


Notes: My biggest issue with this novel is that it seems the author tries too hard to make his writing hip. It’s like he goes overboard and it starts to become cliché.

Another thing is that towards the end, there are a ton of grammar errors and the story seems to get a bit disjointed. I’ve heard that Holloway House (the publisher) was known for putting manuscripts out before they had gone through appropriate editing and before authors had given their final approval. It wouldn’t surprise me if Stack A. Dollar is one of those cases.

On the bright side, this book is a great investment. It’s rare and hard to find and copies on the Internet are priced as high as $300.00 plus. If you can come across a copy of this one, be sure to snatch it up!

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