Author:  Robert Deane Pharr

Year:  1971

S.R.O. - Robert Deane Pharr

Synopsis:  A look at the daily lives of the many varied characters in a single room occupancy (S.R.O.) hotel, told from the perspective of one its residents, an alcoholic writer.


Notes:  While not action packed like your typical Blaxploitation experience, this one is like sitting down and taking in a gritty urban drama movie. The reason I have to give this one 4 books is because of the astounding fact that it is 569 pages long and it keeps you interested all the way through.  I was expecting to get through 250 (maybe 300) pages and then calling it quits, but it kept me hanging on all the way to the end.

If you’ve ever driven past one of those low rent motels or apartment buildings and seen people just hanging around and thought to yourself, “I wonder what’s their story?”, then this is definitely a book for you to check out.

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S.R.O. - Robert Deane Pharr (Later printing)

Later printing


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