Radcliff #1 – Harlem Hit

Author:  Roosevelt Mallory

Year:  1973

Radcliff #1 - Roosevelt Mallory

Synopsis:  Professional hit man Joe Radcliff is called in to knock off Harlem’s top Black revolutionary, but then is double crossed by the people who hired him.  Now he must exact revenge, while still dodging the wrath of most of Harlem, all who want their own form of payback!

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Notes:  I’ll admit, I was really wanting this to be better than it is.  The cover is Blaxploitation at its best, so I was definitely expecting this to be a 4 book rating!  And although it’s good, it just didn’t live up to my hope.

It’s kind of like watching Black Caesar AFTER seeing Superfly and Shaft.  Although BC was a good movie, it just doesn’t measure up to the other 2 classics.

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2nd Printing of Harlem Hit

2nd printing



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