Macking Gangster

Author:  Charlie Avery Harris

Year:  1976

Macking Gangster - Charlie Avery Harris

Synopsis:  A tale of a Mack’s exploits and the spectrum of emotions the lifestyle puts him through, from compassionate father figure to smooth lady charmer to brutal gangster savage.

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Notes:  Charlie A. Harris considered Donald Goines his mentor.  Although his story lines and writing flow is not as great as Goines, in some respects his dialogue is better and more fun to read.

Here are some great lines from the book:

  • “I don’t take women’s nothing that’s made by man!  I just accept their money for letting them take that part of me that they need, and are unable to cop from other men.”
  • “Sweetheart, every place I go, every city, town or area, there’s at least one nigger who knows me. And he will be cautious enough to warn the stranger about me.”

Not to mention some pearls of wisdom:

  • Niggers would always rather brag about how much they lost than how much they won. This is because any damn fool can get lucky and win, but it takes a special breed of hustler to afford to lose and still look prosperous.
  • People perhaps think that a hustler’s bread comes easy, but it’s just the contrary. Every dollar a hustler receives is well earned.
  • Just like insanity, tuberculosis and cancer run in families, so does female character!

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