The Iceman #1 – Billion Dollar Death

Author: Joseph Nazel

Year: 1974

Iceman #1 - Joseph Nazel

Synopsis: Former pimp Henry Highland West has gone legit and turned his pleasure palace into a top notch resort for high class clientele.  When someone tries to take down his operation, he and his stable of lovely and deadly beauties must find the traitor and exact revenge!

Rating: Book Book Book

Notes: How this never got made into a Blaxploitation flick is beyond me.  This has all the components including the players, the babes, the “man” and all the car chases, explosions and shootouts that makeup a typical Blaxploitation outing.

Not to mention that the Iceman is one cold cat.  When one of his beauties is killed in an explosion, he doesn’t have the time or temperament to grieve because “He felt that only a fool or a weakling shed tears for what was dead and gone.”

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2nd printing


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