The Headhunters #2 – Starlight Motel Incident

Authors: John Weisman and Brian Broyer

Year: 1974

Headhunters #2 - John Weisman

Synopsis: A radical Black Muslim group cuts in on the top dopeman’s action, sparking an all out war.  Both sides have dirty cops on the take, so it’s up to the Headhunters (Captain Eddie Martin and Lieutenant Jake “T.S.” Putnam) to find out who’s knocking off who and put a stop to it.

Rating:  Book Book Book

Notes: Once again with Detroit as its backdrop, this is an action packed novel.  However, this one is a lot more gruesome and gritty than the first entry in the Headhunters series.  To be expected though, when the author dedication page reads as such: This book is dedicated to our wives, who made us get the hell out of Detroit – America’s meanest city.

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