The Headhunters #1 – Heroin Triple Cross

Authors: John Weisman and Brian Broyer

Year: 1974

Headhunters #1 - John Weisman

Synopsis: Two cops from the Internal Investigations unit of the Detroit Police Department work to track down dirty cops, cop killers and a heroin kingpin.

Rating:  Book Book Book

Notes: Being from Detroit, I really enjoyed this novel because of references to places that I know of, heard of or have even been to. The intro page to the book reads, “This is work of fiction. It is dedicated to Detroit, America’s meanest city. If the events depicted here haven’t happened yet, they probably will. It’s that kind of place”. CLASSIC!!!

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Best line: cop telling a bank robber, “Police officer. Put your hands behind your head and turn around slowly or name your beneficiary!”


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