Dark Angel #3 – The Gilded Snatch Caper

Author:  James Duncan Lawrence

Year:  1975

Dark Angel #3 - James Duncan Lawrence

Synopsis:  A rich man’s daughter is kidnapped and the Dark Angel is roped into working the case.  Though not happy about it, she gets the job done none the less.


Notes:  As I mentioned with Dark Angel #1, this series is very similar to Blaxploitation goddess Pam Grier’s movies where she was the main protagonist (Coffy, Foxy Brown, Sheba Baby and Friday Foster).

Most people familiar with that quartet of movies knows that they started to lack excitement after the second one.  The same things appears to be happening here in the Dark Angel series.  Book 1 was awesome, number 2 was decent, but this one comes across as if the author just cranked it out because he was under pressure from the publisher.  Let’s hope that things get better with the fourth and final book of the series.


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  1. The Dark Angel is hot. Would love to see her turned into a movie on the big screen with Taraji Henson or Nicole Beharie as the lead character.

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