Broad Players

Author: Charlie Avery Harris

Year: 1977

Broad Players - First Printing

Synopsis: An inside look into the pimp and macking game with perspective from both sides of the coin.

Rating: Book Book Book Book

Notes: STRAIGHT GAME is all I can say about this one! If any of you brothers out there have a hard time talking to women, I suggest you read this book about 4 times. The main character, Junius lays it down all throughout this book!

It’s interesting to note that my discovery of Charlie Avery Harris is what set in motion this whole project of (Read the story here)

Best Lines:

  • “I ain’t yet five-ten, where a pimp’s height begin, but I’m the tallest nigger in this room!”
  • “Them words you’ve just said proves you’ll never be a broad player, nigger, ‘cause no matter what the broad has, claps, a baby or a million dollars, it belongs to you if you have her.”

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Broad Players

2nd Printing



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