Black Cop

Author: Dom Gober

Year: 1974

Black Cop - Dom Gober

Synopsis: James Rhodes aims to take down a drug dealing syndicate while trying to find out who the dirty cop is on the force that’s feeding the syndicate information to escape the busts.

Rating: Book Book Book

Notes: Dom Gober is actually a pseudonym for author Joseph Nazel (author of the Iceman series). Because he was cranking out so much product, the publishing company had him release some of his titles under the Gober moniker. Some jokingly say this was such a bad book that Nazel didn’t want his name attached to it! However, I found it had some good standard Blaxploitation dialogue to go along with a clichéd plot:

  • A hustler by the name of Easy Money touts, “It’s like this, we can’t all be hip. If everybody was hip, there wouldn’t be no suckers left for us hip people to make our bread off of, know what I mean? So some of us got to be hip and some of y’all got to be lame.”
  • When a junkie’s sister pleads with him to get off dope, his reply is “I was born to die, baby. And I didn’t ask to be born. I figure that I got the right to pick the way that I’m going to die. And you best to know I ain’t gonna kill myself makin’ no honkie rich…I’m gonna party myself to death, you dig?”

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  1. Although written over 40 years ago, I found that the protagonist was facing issues (both internal and external) that many African-American cops face today, especially in the racially charged times we’re in right now. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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