Who Am I?

A soul brother at heart, who feels that the 1970s is the greatest decade of all time in terms of music, movies and entertainment. Specifically, Blaxploitation movies, Funk/Soul music and Urban Fiction novels.


How Did This Site Come About?

With a specific passion for reading and a love of Blaxploitation movies, I have a Jones for urban fiction novels from the 70s. When thinking of books from that genre, the primary authors that come to mind are Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim. And while they can be considered the Godfathers, I started doing research and found that there are many other authors (Black and White) who wrote in the genre. So I set out to find and read as many of these books as possible. This site is born out of my desire to share as many of these AWESOME Blaxploitation paperbacks with you as possible.


What is a Blaxploitation Paperback?

To answer that, we have to first define Blaxploitation. Here are two of the best definitions I’ve run across:

  1. 1970s black-cast or black-themed films…created, developed and most importantly, heavily promoted to young, inner-city black audiences. [From Josiah Howard’s book, Blaxploitation cinema: The Essential Reference Guide] NOTE: Catch my interview with Josiah here.
  2. Blaxploitation is both a genre and an era. The genre consists of any and all films with black actors in a lead role that were produced and marketed to a predominately black audience. The era is defined by films within the defined parameters that were produced between 1970 and 1979. [From David Walker’s collection, BadAzz MoFo’s Book of BLAXPLOITATION, Volume One]

So I’m defining a Blaxploitation paperback as: a fiction novel, written between 1970 and 1979 where the primary character(s) are black, the plot(s) are urban centered and/or adventure focused, and the dialogue is very hip and rich with slang from that era.  NOTE: every now and then I might venture outside of these parameters and post something before 1970 or after 1979.


What’s on the Site?

Surprisingly, you won’t find reviews of the novels (unless I link to one someone else wrote). I’d rather let you have your own take should you decide to read the book yourself. Instead, to help you decide if you want to read a particular book, I’ll give a quick overview of the plot, a personal rating (see scale below) and maybe throw in a few extra tidbits you might enjoy. Where possible, I’ve tried to include the cover art from the original printing, since some of these were reprinted in later years with covers that were aimed to be more reflective of the times in which they were reprinted.

Rating Scale

Rating Table

If you ever have any questions, suggestions or recommendations, definitely let me know. Thanks for stopping by!


Brandon Wilkins